The DoorWayClient

The DoorWayClient consists only of the login screen and the Change State screen. It is typically installed at the company entrance so that the users can set their state when arriving.

The login screen is hidden by default and appears when a user start typing. After successfully logging in, the “Change state” dialog appears. (See  The users current presence)

After changing the state, the new current state is shown in the bottom left corner for a few seconds.

Configuration of shortcut

The DoorWayClient is configured as an ordinary Totalview Client but with the difference in the Shortcut where M:T


\\Totalviewserver\Client\Totalview3Client.exe /S:Totalviewserver:3333 /M:T

If you want the login screen to be visible all the time, you can add the parameter /KEEPLOGINVISIBLE after the M:T in the shortcut:


\\Totalviewserver\Client\Totalview3Client.exe /S:Totalviewserver:3333 /M:T /KEEPLOGINVISIBLE


Last edited on September 13th, 2017