The Client call center

When enabled, the user can see and control call centers in the connected PBX system.

Depending on the PBX system, the user can sign in/out of a call center, or add/remove users from call centers. The user can also see some information about the call center, i.e. the number of current calls in queue or number of available agents.

The type of the client defines the functionality available.

The user client call center

The basic client shows the call centers of logged in user. The logged in user is a member if the default local device is a member of the call center.

Depending on the PBX system, the user can sign in/out of the call centers.

The following information is available for each call center

  • The call centers name and number.
  • The sign in/out status of the current user. When gray the user is signed out.
  • The number of seconds that the longest currently waiting call has been waiting in the queue.
  • Number of calls in queue waiting to be served.
  • Number of available agents. The number of agents ready to take a call, i.e. the agent is signed in and not servicing any call.
  • Number of logged in agents and Number of total agents in the call center.
  • Number of current servicing calls and Number of current calls in the call center.

The receptionist client call center

The receptionist has the same call center functionality as the basic user, except that the receptionist can see the call center information for all the users in the user list.

The switchboard client call center

The switchboard has the same functionality as the receptionist, extended with detailed information and additional functionality.

Depending on the PBX system, the switchboard user can add or remove user to/from the call centers. The switchboard can also toggle showing only the call centers the selected user is member of, or all available call centers.

The user can also filter the users based on the call center, and see what users are signed in/out.

If required the switchboard user also has the ability to see detailed call center information on a second separate window.

The call center detail window shows statistics information as well as all member agents and their state.


Last edited on September 13th, 2017