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Windows Phone

Toggling contact images

It is possible to toggle the user images in the contact list by opening the settings page and changing the “Show images” option:

Using service codes

If you have set up service codes in your particular installation of Totalview, you can choose these in the Phone Options by…

Changing forwarding rules

The phone options context menu provides you with a number of different forwarding options. These forwarding settings control the local…

Making a phone call

Using the dial pad in the Call Log, you get the possibility to make phone calls through the Totalview Telephony system.

Navigating the Call Log

The Call Log can be reached by tapping on the phone icon in the bottom menu. You will be presented with a list of your latest entries…

Viewing contact details

Clicking on a person in the Contacts view will open the Contact Details view. It consists of two main tabs, “Contact” and “Calendar”

Viewing appointments

The Calendar screen features a list of all upcoming appointments the logged in user has. On the left side, it shows the start and end time.