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Offline state registration

In situations where no internet connection is available, Totalview offers users the possibility to make state registrations offline. In order to accomplish that, Totalview monitors the state of your internet connection continuously. When no connection is present, it will show a status message at the bottom:


At this point, users can continue to register their states just as they normally would (as described in Specifying your state), as every state registration will be stored locally on the phone. You can see your offline registrations by clicking on the status message in the top, which will open the offline states overview:



The overview shows a list with all state registrations that have not been send to the Totalview server. Users can delete a registration by swiping an item to the left and clicking on “Delete”. Once an internet connection is re-established, Totalview will automatically send all remaining offline states to the server.



Changing the Remote Office number

Using the settings in the Totalview iPhone application, you can easily change your Remote Office phone number where ever you are. This number will be used instead of your local device, as all calls from and to your local device will be routed over it.

In order to change it, just edit the “Number” field in the Remote Office Number section of the settings:


Note that this option is only available for installations that use the Broadworks telephony platform.

(De)Activate Remote Office

If your work requires you to frequently be away from your office, you can make use of the in/built Remote Office setting in Totalview.

Toggling contact images

It is possible to toggle the user images in the contact list by opening the settings page and changing the “Show images in contacts” option.


The Totalview app for iPhone offers some basic settings, including: Logging out, Toggling contact images, Changing the remote phone numb…

Using service codes

If you have set up service codes in Totalview, you can choose these in the Phone Options by tapping on the “Use Service Code” button.

Phone Options

The Phone Options on the iPhone app provide a number of useful shortcuts, such as changing forwarding rules, activating “Do Not Disturb”…

Making a phone call

Using the dial pad in the Call Log, you get the possibility to make phone calls through the Totalview Telephony system.

Navigating the Call Log

The Call Log can be reached by tapping on the phone icon in the bottom menu. You will be presented with a list of your latest call entries.


The Totalview app for iPhone offers functionalities designed to make it easier for your to handle incoming and outgoing calls.

Viewing contact details

Clicking on a person in the Contacts view will open the Contact Details view, where you see information about the person plus his calendar.