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Change log

The changelog provides a comprehensive of added features, modifications and fixes for each version of Totalview.

Release notes

The Totalview Release Notes provide information on the most recent software version updates of Totalview, to give you an overview of the newest features and functionalities. It includes both major and minor releases. You can read them by following the links below or selecting them in the menu to the left.


Totalview 2017


To see a more comprehensive of added features, modifications and fixes, please view the change log

Google Calendar settings

The synchronization between the Google Calendar and Totalview is based on a query user with access to the Google users’ calendar folder…


In Totalview, information like state, description and location are added to current states and reservations. Totalview uses this to…





User Guide

This section is intended for regular users and how to operate the Totalview interface.

Technical Guides

This section serves as a guide to answer question that are technically more advanced, such as security settings, and more.

Resource Access Rights

This section will address how you can restrict and allow certain parts of Totalview to be accessible for your users.

Getting started

Before configuring a Totalview installation in more depth, this section serves as a starting point regarding license setup, login and more.

Totalview Admin

The Totalview Admin application serves as the central configuration backend for Totalview…

Totalview Command

The Totalview command is a small commandline program intended to switch users state in Totalview.

Exchange security settings

This document describes how to create the query and how to test the query user and the query user access to other user’s calendar folder.